Listen to part I, Why NYC kids need storytellers in drag. 

Epicenter-NYC aimed to shed a true light on the importance of drag story hours in NYC and what actually happens inside them. Across the country, but specifically in the diverse bastion of Jackson Heights, these events have been under constant attack. While other media mostly centered their coverage on the protesters, Epicenter sought out to highlight, through a series of interviews, how the program is one that spreads love and acceptance through literacy and the art of drag. The two-part series is a must-listen for anyone interested in the power of storytelling and the importance of representation and inclusivity in children’s education. The series features interviews with multiple drag story hour performers, literacy experts, parents, and others. 

As we continue to live in a world filled with misinformation, violence and recurring attacks on diverse communities, this two-part series centers the importance of inclusivity and ensures people have the opportunity to feel seen, heard as well as be informed. It also reinvents the role of community media reflecting the needs and identities of its neighborhoods – and protecting them from outside nefarious forces. 

Listen to part II, How New York City fights the Proud Boys: by being prouder

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Harmonica Sunbeam reading at Brookfield Place. Photo: Drag Story Hour NYC